Second Around the World Cruise (1923) and Blasco Ibañez
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Second Around the World Cruise (1923) and Blasco Ibañez

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In the picture the flyer of the "Second Around the World Cruise" (1923) of the American Express Travel Departament, for sailing on the Cunard S.S. "Franconia" cruise.
It was the only option available at the time, the second time a cruise was conducted around the world, and the first one to cross the Panama Canal, recently inaugurated.
Not much to envy with a current cruise, including indoor pool and squash court among others. A long and extensive travel, from November 15, 1923 to March 27, 1924, not without risks.
The famous, at that time, spanish writer Vicente Blasco Ibañez embarked on the cruise to go around the world, it resulted is his book "A Novelist S Tour Of The world" in which he offered a snapshot of the state of a world between wars, along an extensive historical detail of each place visited.
Blasco Ibañez previously traveled to New York for trip depart, and he did not complete it, landing in Monaco, next to his house at Menton. When arriving walking at home some people asked him: Where does come Mr. Vicente? ... To go around the world.